We make

Storytelling for the future.

We are a multi-faceted media-production company.

From indie features to peak TV shows, all the way to augmented and virtual reality,
we’re creating work with an eye on the future of storytelling and audience distribution.

Original stories by all voices

We identify and develop new projects in film, TV and SVOD, with a focus on stories that enlighten as well as entertain, ensuring that the work we create is unique and diverse.

Book options and author partnerships

Several novels optioned from bestselling authors.

Original Scripts

A deep network of talented screenwriters.

Smart financing and distribution

Using our international network of partners, we balance traditional models of worldwide distribution with an ever-present awareness of what the future will bring.

Futureproof: VR and 360

We work to advance the possibilities of mainstream, immersive technologies that are the future of storytelling.

VR Narratives

We are spearheading the development of storytelling in the Virtual Reality space.

Immersive experiences

Traditional pieces of work are enhanced through additional experiences that bring an audience deeper into the world of the play.


Enhance the storytelling experience

With the creator's input, we'll create apps and mobile games to enhance the storytelling experience.

Augmented Reality

To bring the audience deeper into the worlds we create.

Corporate and Commercials

With a strong network of producers and crew, we are an idea-to-delivery production company for corporate and commercial stories. These are just a few of the clients we’ve worked with.

Projects in Development

A small sampling of our current Development slate.

Birth at the Gates

Limited Series

This true story follows a compassionate, idealistic doctor and his strong, resourceful wife as they are ripped apart by the machinery of World War II only to be miraculously reunited after four tragic years apart.

Based on the Hebrew-language book “Keshet B’anan,” this is a powerful – and powerfully true – story about what happens when individuals who just want to live in peace are swept up by history and ravaged by war.

Relative Minor

Serialized TV series

Relative Minor follows three characters as they navigate their intertwining lives in the City of Brotherly Love: a drug-addicted violinist with a seedy past, a fiery social worker, and an enigmatic drug lord.

Each has their individual struggles, brought on by both their own flaws and the forces arrayed against them, but each is connected as well through the world of drugs and addiction – and through living and working in Philadelphia. Which, at the end of the day, can be a pretty small town.

The Dressmaker

Feature-Length biopic

The comprehensive biopic of Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager. Jewish and gay when it was hard to be the former and illegal to be the latter, he nevertheless was able to discover and nurture the greatest band in history. His demons of addiction and loneliness, however, would prevent him from seeing just how powerful his legacy was to become.

Who We Are

Two Friends. One Vision

In 2004, two guys met at a climbing gym.
One came from the world of high finance, trading and stocks. The other came from theatre, film and classical music.
With these complementary skills, and bound by a love of storytelling, finance and the outdoors,
they have joined forces to form Five Four Media.

Michael Friedman

Chief Executive Officer
A veteran executive and CFO, Michael has launched and operated several publicly-traded companies over the course of a 20-year career. Michael holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation and a Juris Doctor (JD) from New York Law School.

Jonathan Light

Chief Creative Officer
Before starting FiveFour, Jon worked as an independent writer and producer in several capacities, and has several scripts still in development. He is a former opera singer and actor, has directed several theatre productions and is former Producer and Director at Yahoo! Studios.

David Zietz

Chief Operating Officer
David is a 15 year veteran in entertainment, beginning with the theater in a then-sleepy resort town in the south. He quickly moved into production, gaining experience in every department and later producing several feature and short length projects.

Nikki Robbins

Director of Production
Nikki has worked with many prominent directors and producers on major productions for studios including Amazon, Showtime, ESPN, ABC, Netflix and Cinemax. She has experience in documentary, features, television, sports production and music videos.

Alison Friedman

Director of Operations
Alison has 15 years of experience in human resources and marketing, and has started several companies.